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Midship 6009 Marine Grade Upholstery Vinyl Fabric, Oyster White

Midship 6009 Marine Grade Upholstery Vinyl Fabric, Oyster White


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Knitted backing thickness.95 mm Midship was developed to withstand the harsh environment of Canadian hot tub & spa covers: -40C in the winter & +40C in the summer, as well as chemicals & UV, makes this one of the worst environments for vinyl products. Even under these conditions, Midship performs better than any product on the market. Mildew Resistance: ASTM G21 - Coated & Uncoated (Scrim) Side = No fungal growth Tensile Strength: ASTM D751 Grab Warp 471N (105.86 lb-force): Weft 397N (89.25 lb. -force) Blocking Resistant: ASTM D751 = Pass Adhesion: ASTM D751 Warp 11N/cm: Weft 6.2N/cm Tear Strength: ASTM D2261 Tongue Warp 47N (10.57 lb-force): Weft 69N (15.52 lb-force) Chemical Resistant:Chlorine = Pass (Grey Scale 5).

  • Marine Grade Upholstery Vinyl
  • White Vinyl: Dye transfer from clothingespecially blue jeans onto white vinyl
  • This transfer is due to the wide range of dyes now being used in clothing coming from different countries
  • This is not a defect to the vinyl
  • J. Ennis will not be honoring claims on white vinyl due to dye transfer issues from clothing
  • Crypton Leather & Vinyl Cleaner & Restorer can be used to remove the dye
Cleaning Instruction:
  • Mild Soap & Water
  • Upholstery Outdoor
  • Color: Oyster White
  • Abrasion: Exceeds 30,000 Double Rubs
  • Backing Content: 100% Polyester
  • Backing Weight: 4.76 oz Per Lineal Yard, 3.17 oz Per Square Yard,
  • Cold Crack: Cold Crack is equal to or greater than -28 degrees Celsius & -18 Fahrenheit
  • Construction: Vinyl
  • Content: 100% Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Fire Retardancy: UFAC Class 1 NFPA 260 Class 1 California Bulletin 117-Section E
  • Ultraviolet: Product is Rated Ultraviolet Resistant equal to or greater than 1500 hours
  • Mildew: Mildew Resistant
  • Tearstrength: Passes ASTM D2261 - Warp = 10 lbs & Fill = 15 lbs
  • Tensilestrength: Passes ASTM D751 - Warp = 105 lbs & Fill = 89 lbs
  • Style: Solids & Plain
  • Width: 54"
  • Weight: 28.22 oz per Linear Yard, 18.70 oz Per Square Yard
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