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It all started with one question asked back in 2017 to a local drapery and upholstery workroom, “what do you do with the extra yards of fabric after the project has been completed”? The owner replied “they collect dust in the basement or get thrown out”.
We discovered an opportunity and a small niche to not only help small business owners but to also help protect the planet from future home decor waste. Why discard beautiful product when a designer or a consumer can turn it into something special?
Primoends.com is the only online home furnishings outlet & marketplace portal dedicated to the home decor industry. The portal and website which was designed in-house allows small business owners to sell off extra rolls of Wallpaper, Accessories, Rugs, Pillows, Furniture and Fabrics.
Primoends gives the seller the opportunity to make money on surplus goods while protecting the environment from further waste.
Primoends.com is a virtual online store and does not hold inventory. Businesses that enroll into the program for free, stock and process the orders through the Primoends portal. Products are then listed and sold through the platform. The focus is mainly with entrepreneurs who want to open an online ecommerce store but do not have start up capital or the know how to code. Primoends currently has 400 + vendors enrolled and over 241k + products published. 
Most large home furnishings companies have an outlet store or a section on their website to sell outlet items, but what about all those small businesses that can’t afford to do so or just don’t have the time to build an online outlet?
The portal allows full access to upload products, images, videos, and details of the item. The system also allows businesses to go under an alias or hide the company’s name for privacy purposes.
Primoends has now evolved into sub-brands; PrimoNew, Primo, and PrimoEnds. By separating brands, companies now can adverstise new collections, active products and outlet items for additional brand exposure.
Eventually, Primoends may adapt into other categories, such as handbags, jewelry, and clothing, but for now the primary focus is home goods.
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