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Monedas | Cedar & Leather Valet Tray

Monedas | Cedar & Leather Valet Tray



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  • Ideal as catch all or decorative tray on side table or home office
  • Foundation crafted by hand with cedar wood sourced from the Paraguayan jungle
  • Full-grain vegetable tanned cow leather sourced from Paraguay
  • Hand-stitched finish
  • Made in Paraguay
  • Use as a catch all or a decorative piece for a side table


  • 9.5" (L) x 8" (W) x 2" (H)


  • In Stock: Purchase an item in stock and we ship next business day.
  • Out of Stock: If the product is out of stock, you can still purchase the item and we will have it made to order . Please expect 6-8 week lead time.

*A member from the Bati team will email you the day of your order to confirm details.


Conditioning: To improve quality, tone and feel of the leather, condition twice a year or as needed by applying Vasoline to a microfiber glove or cloth and massaging it evenly onto the leather. Bati's vegetable-tanned leather absorbs moisture and natural oils and takes on a darker, richer tone afterwards. *Conditioning is a great way to blend together the various marks and imperfections of the leather and bring out the natural patina.

Liquids: Bati leather can get wet! Our leather is treated with organic ingredients that make it water resistant. Before making the goods, we actually wet the hide with a sponge and stretch the leather out to make it softer. So don't worry if the leather gets wet, just let it dry out. *Condition the leather from time to time after exposure to water.

Spills & Stains: Bati leather is durable and tough to stain. Stains appear more prominently on lighter leather colors. Treat stains promptly with a damp cloth and wipe clean. If treated quickly, most spills will not leave a stain. If marks or stains do persist, soak a sponge in lemon juice and rub the affected area with force. *After cleaning, you can condition the stain and the surrounding area to even out the tone.



The smooth cedar foundation of the box is sourced from the depths of the vastly untouched jungle town of Rosado, Tobati, Paraguay. Cedar is the most sought-after wood resource in the country, and with reason. It's strong, yet malleable. Its smell is untapped nature. If you close your eyes while inhaling, it takes you to the jungle.

Each side of the tray is symmetrical and smooth to the touch. Such is required when applying leather to an item; it's important that the surface is completely flat to ensure that there are no gaps or bubble after the leather's applied.

After Teo (Bati wood artisan) is done with the boxes, he wraps and places them in a bag that he secures on his back before he jets off on his moto to his buddy's house. His buddy, Juan Carlos, is Bati's lead leather artisan. JC invites Teo to stay a while and drink yerba mate. After, Juan Carlos and his team wrap the boxes with soft Bati leather and finish it off with a classic hand stitch.

The result? A one of a kind beauty that fills the room it's in with an intoxicating leather / cedar aroma.

🍍Proceeds from each sale fund a scholarship program that provides English and college-preparatory courses to disadvantaged youth in Tobati, Paraguay.

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